In-Flight Redemption- Part II

Previously on In-Flight Redemption: Having just awoken from a deep slumber, our young protagonist has clumsily spilled water on her in-flight companion. Needles to say, she is mortified.

My panic and utter mortification dispelling my previous drowsiness and lethargy, I exclaimed, “I’m so sorry!”

I must have looked sufficiently devastated and mortified, because she brushed off the incident a few seconds later.

“It’s alright,”

“No, but really I am sorry. I can’t believe-”

“As a mom, I’ve had worse stuff spilled on me. Trust me,” she said with a wink. Throughout the duration of the flight, I inundated Kelly with spare napkins, apologetic glances, and polite conversation, with which I strove to redeem myself in some way.

In spite of her quick dismissal of the event, I spent the remainder of the flight cursing my immense stupidity. I vowed to never again fall asleep on flights. Never again would anyone experience the accidental wrath of spilled water on my behalf! Never again would I feel the need to apologize excessively! I would surely learn from my mistakes! I would!

Although my rousing thoughts did douse some of the immense embarrassment and shame I was experiencing, I looked forward to the end of the flight. So that the memory would begin to fade until it was nothing more than an embarassing event in the distant past.

And eventually, my dream came true. We began our swift descent into Atlanta, Georgia. And while I was certain that this woman would never want to see me again, she handed me her business card and prompted me to look her up if I needed any medical experience. Saying I was awe-struck by her generosity is an understatement.

When we finally got to our feet, we shook hands, and proceeded to exit the flight. At the terminal outside, I was greeted by my mother and grandmother, who smiled at me cheerfully. They wouldn’t be smiling if they knew what’d I done, I thought mournfully.

Just as we were about to catch our next flight, one of the workers at the airport held a very familiar looking purse up and claimed that someone had left it in their seat. After scrutinizing the stylish bag for several moments, I realized that it belonged to none other than Kelly, my in-flight companion! But wait. She had left it here, which meant… she wouldn’t have it at the wedding.

Alarm signals started flashing inside my head, urging me to action. It’s only been a few minutes since we’ve left the flight. She can’t be very far. I just need to find her.

I quickly took the purse from the worker, claiming that I knew who it belonged to, and rushed into a bustling crowd of suitcases and travelers. Determined that I find the elusive dermatologist before she left the airport, I keenly observed the confusing mass of individuals, before I finally saw her slender form moving  from a distance. Thinking of nothing else but the purse in my hands and the woman before me, I bolted towards her, yelling, “Miss Kelly! Miss Kelly! I have your purse!”

Obviously startled to hear her name from some stranger, Kelly whipped around to see me frantically waving her purse.

“Y-you left this back in the plane,” I continued panting from the excitement and sprinting.

Quickly realizing what had happened, Kelly’s eyes widened in wonder and happy surprise.

“Thank you so much! I don’t know what I would’ve done without it!”

“You’re welcome, Miss Kelly,” I replied, nearly bursting with pride.

I guess I’d finally gotten my in-flight redemption.


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