Fruitless Endeavor- PART II

Well, I Never…
Previously on Fruitless Endeavor: Young, impressionable Anusha has her heart set on growing a mango tree in the colder climate of the eastern United States. Will she finally succeed? Will her wish for an enormous, fruit-bearing tree finally be granted? Let’s find out…

The next day, I woke up especially early to plant the mango seed. As I gently placed it into the soil of a flowerpot, I realized that this would be the start of something beautiful. A great and long lasting friendship between girl and mango seed. I imagined me several years from now as an adult, standing at the base of an enormous tree and looking up at in pride.

After several weeks of daily watering, singing to coax the sapling from the ground, taking the flower pot on walks with me, and a whole lot of other nonsense, a bright green shoot burst through the crumbling soil. I was thrilled.

My little mango seed has begun its growth! Now it is only a matter of time before it becomes a tree, I thought excitedly.

I continued to love and tenderly care for the juvenile sapling for the rest of that summer, until I realized that the days were getting colder and shorter. I found that my little plant was wilting in spite of the fact that I had kept it indoors for warmth.

As the days went by, it continued to droop further and further, until it finally hit the ground. My lovely, little mango sapling had died.

Unable to withstand the loss of my little plant, I wept for countless hours, burying my face into my mother’s shirt.

How could this happen! He was so young! I was doing everything right! A fresh burst of tears broke from my eyes. Like most tragedies that occur at a young age, however, the wound has healed with time, and Harry the hairy mango seed became nothing more than a distant memory.

In terms of learning from this tragic experience,  I would advise my friends to never try to cultivate a tropical plant in a colder environment. Do not get emotionally attached to your plants. And don’t count your mangoes before your sapling grows into a tree. It’s a fruitless endeavor.


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