Minion Madness- PART II

Previously on Minion Madness: Anusha has discussed the possible reasons why the minions have gained such international love and recognition, specifically their perpetually happy disposition. But could there be more to them? Find out now…

Their appealing psychological simplicity aside, minions have also become a global sensation because of their linguistic versatility. Speaking a mixture of French, Spanish, English, Italian, and gibberish, the minions are free from the semantic barriers that animated characters often face.

Because their exchanges are largely physical rather than verbal in nature, one need not be entirely fluent in English to understand and enjoy the minions’ ridiculous endeavors. For instance, my grandmother, who is fluent in Telugu but unable to speak proficient English, and I were watching Despicable Me the other day. While she didn’t really understood Gru’s gradual transition from evil mastermind to loving father, she always knew what was happening with the minions.

Note: Of course I’m translating as I write this exchange.

Me (Pointing to two minions having a physical confrontation): What’s happening between those guys?

Grandmother: They’re fighting because one stole a banana from the other. Funny thing, they really like bananas.

Me (curious): What else do you know about them?

Grandmother: They work for the bald man, but they do a pretty bad job at it.

And just like that, she’d gotten the entire idea behind the minions. Watching her expressions during the movie, I knew they were her favorite part. Every time they came on the screen, she begin grinning at their silly antics.

In essence, I must say it: everyone loves minions. Mindless and irrational creatures as they are, Gru’s henchmen are equally lovable, adorable, charming, and highly marketable. They’re so popular that they’ve even received a spot on my humble blog. Oh no. Can it be? Perhaps I too have begun my descent into minion madness.


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