Minion Madness- PART I

Aliens are taking over the planet. Everywhere I turn, I see their mischievous little faces peering out at me. Their little legs seemed to have walked the farthest corners of the earth. There is no television screen they have left untouched. No convenience store that has escaped their impression. No child that would not scream gleefully at the sight of them. But unlike the green, grotesque extraterrestrials we’d previously imagined, these creatures are little, yellow, capsule-shaped, habitually dressed in overalls, and quite frankly, adorable. Ladies and gentlemen, we have found ourselves in the midst of a minion invasion.

Finding their origins in Despicable Me, Gru’s silly henchman have broken through the confines of comic relief and become an international sensation. With a feature length film dedicated to their whimsical adventures, Minions, a partnership with Chiquita, a ride at Universal Studios, merchandise ranging from minion backpacks, headphones, dresses, T-shirts, costumes, cupcakes, plush toys, band-aids,  video games, apps, and any anything else you could possibly think of, minions seem to have taken a considerable share of the global market, frolicking their way into international success.

At all of the attention they’ve been receiving in recent months, one naturally wonders- What makes them so popular? Why has the world developed this unhealthy obsession with little, yellow creatures? I like to think it’s because people regardless of their age, race, creed, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, can appreciate minions as the lovable manifestations of absurdity that they are.

Never experiencing emotional crisis or conundrums greater than finding a suitable evil villain to serve, the minions are neither psychologically nor emotionally complex.  Rather, they are simple, childish, and easily understood. Whether you’re ninety-years-old or a babbling infant, you perceive the minions’ shenanigans much in the same way, with amusement and avid interest. You laugh as they encounter ridiculous road blocks to their success, smile as they accidentally eradicate them, grin as they bicker among themselves, and chuckle as they doddle across the screen.

If you’ve noticed, minions seem to specialize in eliciting a positive response from viewers. Rarely experiencing the emotions of sadness, anger, disgust, or fear, unless comically prompted to do so, the minions reside in a perpetually blissful state. While they find purpose in serving their evil boss and pulling pranks on one another,  their lives are free of complications and sorrow. Hence, the minions’ gaiety and abundant enthusiasm appear to be infectious for viewers worldwide, making them exceedingly popular.

As if that weren’t enough, minions are also admirably resistant to the biting winds of change, uncertainty, and catastrophe, instead thriving in the ensuing chaos. They make light of every situation, basking in the glow of billions of smiles.

At this point, you may think that’s all I have to say about minions, but wait there’s more! What else makes minions so globally loved? Could it be their incomprehensible language? Find out all this and more on tomorrow’s post! To be continued…


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