Dentist Drill- PART I

As I write this, the entire left side of my face is throbbing, making it difficult to concentrate on anything else. The constant pain I experience whenever I put the slightest pressure on my molars is absolutely infuriating. What happened? one might ask. Did I fall off a motorcycle? No, I use the utmost caution even on a bicycle. Did I take a powerful hit to the face after wrestling that man-eating bear? No, who do you think I am? Superwoman? Then what, Anusha! What happened!?

I went to the dentist.

At this point, you might start accusing me of being an insufferable baby, but do listen to my case. It’d been quite some time since I last visited the dentist, at least a couple of years. So when I slowly seated myself in the waiting room, I was even more nervous than any of my dentist’s regulars. I looked at the numerous posters of smiling people in front of me with utter contempt. How dare they grin at my toothache? Flaunting their perfectly straight and white teeth! The very nerve!

I was almost close to yelling, “Bah humbug!” at one of them when a pleasantly smiling nurse walked in and asked me to follow her. Still a bit anxious, I bit my lip and took at few faltering steps forward.

I walked past several operatory rooms, each with with a soft, purple dental chair and a hard white table beside it, before we finally walked into one.

The nurse had me recline on the dental chair. “Relax, relax,” she told me soothingly when she saw me griping the hand rests as if my life depended on it. Easy for you to say. I thought peevishly. You don’t need to have five cavities filled.

Oh yes, I’d almost forgotten about that. That was Doctor Ansel’s diagnosis of my teeth the first time I had come in. This was the second, and more substantial one. The one where we would do more than just examine my teeth and take extensive X-rays. The one that involved drills, syringes, mirrors, wrenches, and burs, and pain. Lots of pain.

Not that they warned me. When Doctor Ansel finally came in, she grinned at me amiably, showing off her lovely smile.

“Hi Anusha. Looks like we’re going to be doing quite a bit of work on your teeth.”

I chuckled nervously and nodded my affirmation.

She beamed a harsh, white light in my eyes before strapping on her purple latex gloves with a loud snapping sound.

Striving to suppress the fear that was bubbling inside of me, I gritted my teeth in anticipation for the procedure. I wasn’t sure if she was still smiling because a blue face mask now covered the bottom half of her face.

“Let’s begin,” she spoke, her bright eyes lighting up at me.

To be continued…


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