Wield It Wisely

Interacting with people boggles my mind. No, it really does. With the primitive instruments of our expressive faces, vocal cords, and body language, we can have conversations and interactions of unfathomable complexity and personal significance. It makes me realize how much power we as individuals have on influencing those around us.

With a few simple and charged words we can draw the strong reactions of anger, disgust, intrigue or curiosity. And it all depends on what comes out of our mouths and how we say it.

Upon meeting you for the first time, I could try eliciting a positive response by using my charming sense of humor and candid demeanor on you (Italics indicates sarcasm). Hopefully, you would then respond favorably by smiling, laughing along, and maybe developing a good impression of me.

On the other hand, I could also inspire a distinct air of unease by staring at you intensely or asking you deeply personal questions, like “What is your most prized personal possession and why?” I could even make you angry by arguing with you about charged and controversial topics.

And you know what? I could mar my first impression without even opening my mouth!  Simply by looking at you in a seemingly unimpressed or disinterested manner could prompt your distinct dislike of me. Or what if I always said things in a sarcastic manner even when I was being perfectly genuine? Then everyone would have a terrible time understanding my true feelings and intentions. All because of the woeful issue of intonation.

In spite of all that could go wrong when we take a social stab in the dark, it is these very things that give us so much power and flexibility when expressing ourselves. It’s amazing. I may not be physically capable of jumping to the moon and playing Monopoly amongst the stars, but my words can conjure these very images in the minds of others. And in this sense, I can use words to become the master of my own little universe.

In essence, the written and spoken word is a powerful tool. Wield it wisely.


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