Hurrah for Postponement!

You know what I absolutely love in most cases? Postponement. I don’t care if it’s an extension of months, weeks, days, hours, or even minutes. I love postponement because, even though I know it’s illogical, it feels as if I have more time. More time to complete the assignment. More time to suspend all thought or judgement on the dreaded task. More time to while away in happy oblivion before I have to face harsh reality. Wow that got serious, didn’t it?
It’s not like I have trouble meeting deadlines, it’s just the anxiety. Even for something as simple as piano lessons. Oh, my lesson is at 6:30 PM and it’s 5:00. Just an hour and thirty minutes before it’s show time. Oh wow, it’s already 6:00? Alright then, thirty minutes! As you begin hyperventilating, you become more aware of the time slowing ticking away, leaving you progressively less time to prepare for the difficult ordeal ahead of you. Wait, so does this mean that I find piano lessons to be challenging to merit this sort of distress? Perhaps…but that’s another story.
But suddenly, you come across a brilliant stroke of luck! Your piano lesson has been postponed to tomorrow! Hurrah! You feel your heartbeat gradually slowing, and its violent thudding subsides. Suddenly removed from the time frame of impending doom, you feel relief as you have never felt before. Your brain releases a surge or endorphins , giving you a sense of unbelievable well-being. And you carry along your merry way until you find yourself in similar circumstances the next day.
It’s like when you approach that fateful round of limbo, when you know that the bar has been set too low and you sincerely doubt your ability to pass underneath it. But then, you are temporarily saved from your doom because of some glorious and arbitrary distraction! A seagull has just removed someone’s wig from out of the blue! A heated dance-off transpires between two stellar opponents! You’ve received a call from your mother! Something! Anything to remove you from the undesirable situation for the time being!
Look, I’m not saying that depending on miraculous postponement is a good way of doing things. In fact, it’s probably better to face your fears and get them over with as soon as possible. But I do believe that postponement, in most situations, is worthy of awe, praise, and celebration! We must herald it for the temporary suspension of responsibility and reality that it is! So I say: Hurrah for postponement!


10 thoughts on “Hurrah for Postponement!

  1. You really described that so well! You have great insight, and are able to convey your thoughts that really draws people in without overwhelming them with too much detail. Have you ever thought about debating? You would be a great persuasive writer.


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