Incensed Tomato

Isn’t anger amazing? Okay, I know that a strange statement to start off with, but isn’t it?  I mean it’s awesome in its transformative capabilities. One moment we’re the tranquil, balanced individuals that we usually are, and the next we’re raging, red-eyed beasts with steam coming out of our ears. We become terrifying, destructive whirlwinds of fury that demolish anything that dares come into our paths. And it’s astounding how quickly that transformation may come to pass.

For some of us, it takes hours of constant goading to unleash the awesome monster inside. For others just a quick moment of irritation is enough. But all of us have experienced it at some point in our lives, and it’s incredible how overwhelming anger can be.

You’ve had a difficult, exhausting day. One you might even say was unsuccessful in several ways. Someone else got the promotion over you. Your car broke down. Your favorite sports team lost. You’ve gotten into an infuriating disagreement with your friends and family. Whatever. Something that makes you distinctly unhappy has happened.

And yet, as the wonderful person that you are, you’ve put up with all of it with a straight face. At the end of the day, you resignedly return home to fix yourself a comforting bowl of cereal. But as you make your way to the counter, the unthinkable happens.

You stub your toe. And something snaps.

Surprised and enraged by the sudden pain that has taken hold of your foot, you yowl in the utmost frustration and agony. Your heart races. The blood rushes to your face, making you look like a ridiculously incensed tomato. You clench your fists to feel the raw power surging through your pulsing knuckles.  And you have the primordial urge to kill something. To make something else feel an ounce of the pain that you are experiencing at the moment.

And at that point, it’s not really about you stubbing your foot anymore. It’s about everything. It’s about the terrible day you’ve been having. What someone said to you. What you should have said to someone. And suddenly you’re the Incredible Hulk.

If all of your loved ones are fortunate enough to be out of the house at the time, you release waves of your unadulterated fury and anguish on hapless throw pillows.

DIE DIE DIE, YOU STUPID PILLOW. HOW DARE YOU TREAT ME THIS WAY?! YOU SHALL PAY! you scream as you beat your pillow senseless (Assuming that pillows have any sense).

Finally satisfied with the damage you have inflicted, you stop, panting for breath. Having invested your entire being into essentially beating the tar out of your fluffy friend, you feel winded, tired, and empty.

But strangely, you feel much better than you did pre-meltdown. Having asserted your dominance in trying circumstances, you feel as if you’ve proved that life cannot and will not knock you down. You feel empowered, strong….and the sudden urge to eat some well-deserved comfort food. Ice cream, here I come!

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t encourage sudden rage attacks both for your sake and for the sake of others. I’m just saying that getting angry once in a while isn’t such a bad thing.


7 thoughts on “Incensed Tomato

  1. Ah yes, the stubbing of the toe or the hitting of the funny bone (that’s no laughing matter). I just did this a couple of weeks ago and afer all was said and done I felt like such a wus. It’s amazing that I was able to bear children yet the stubbing of my toe renders me totally useless. I love how you can bring humor into even this type situation. Great post!!

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