Sticky-Note Strategy

Ever have those moments when you’re so focused on a task at hand that you’ve entirely forgotten another? Like when you’re wandering through your house while talking on the phone and you leave your half-eaten apple somewhere? And when you finally hang up you’re haunted by the thought of your abandoned snack calling you from somewhere. Or worse. What happens when you absentmindedly misplace a library book or your wallet? What then?

It is times like these that I wish our hopelessly lost items were equipped with homing devices. I can see it now: Oh no, I’ve just misplaced my cup of coffee. Well good thing I have my homing device. Oh yes, I can hear it beeping faintly in the distance. How convenient!

But in reality this sort of thing would be quite difficult to design and implement, because well-you never know what you’re going to misplace. The only effective solution would be placing homing devices on all items of value, which would be both expensive and time-consuming.

Additionally, what if your homing devices went off even when you weren’t searching for them? Then your home would be filled with a cacophony of officious beeping! I can also vividly imagine these circumstances: Oh dear, my apple is beeping again. YES! I AM AWARE THAT IT IS ON THE COUNTER. 

And so perhaps homing devices for all of our items of value are not the best idea. But there must be a better way to ensure that we don’t misplace things. I’ve got it! Maybe placing brightly colored sticky notes on the surface of important objects would help?

A pack of obnoxiously-neon-colored sticky notes wouldn’t be too terrible of an investment. And in theory you could just stick a bright yellow piece of paper on something you might absentmindedly  place on a desk.

Imagine that you’re hopelessly searching for your wallet, but have used the sticky-note strategy. As you’re frantically knocking aside objects in efforts to search beneath them, lo and behold! You see a beautiful neon-yellow sticky note pulsing before your very eyes! You exuberantly peel it off to find your trusty and beloved wallet!

At this time, you’d probably be thinking, Oh, Anusha. Whatever would I have done with your brilliant Sticky-Note Strategy? (I am entirely joking of course. But who knows? It might work).

But my lovely flights of fancy aside, absentmindedly misplacing things really is an irksome problem.


3 thoughts on “Sticky-Note Strategy

  1. The way Google seems to have the answers to questions about everything I sometimes I wish I could Google misplaced objects, like “where is my phone?” and the answer pops up “beneath your pillow”


    now where did I leave that post comment button

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