Why Not Stay?

Has casual conversation ever lead you to deeper thought on a certain subject? Well, I hope it has because that’s what I’m talking about today!

It was just a couple of days ago when I was conversing with an elderly resident at the assisted living center where I volunteer.

Speaking ten times louder than I usually do, I pointed out the window and exclaimed, “Sure does look cloudy, Miss Jenkins (Not her real name). I think it might rain later!”

Her mouth twisted into a scornful scowl as she spat, “I don’t like it.”

Surprised by her strong response, I asked, “It? You mean the rain?”

At this, she desisted staring contemptibly out the window for one moment to turn and look at me.

“Yes the rain. It makes me angry,” she replied shortly, offering no other justification for the immensity of her loathing of the spontaneous and wet weather.

While I found our conversation somewhat absurd at the time, it made me realize that a lot of people veritably detest rain.

They describe the grey and tumultuous clouds as “gloomy”. They dislike the obnoxious squeaking and squelching sounds that wet boots make on tiled floors. They dislike the fact that the so-called dismal weather forces them to stay indoors for a certain period of time.

But in spite of the validity of all of the listed points, I love the rain. I love the fresh, chilling breeze that precedes and follows it. I love the familiar and slightly sweet scent of wet earth. I love the steady murmuring of raindrops as they pitter-patter against the pavement, forming perfect circles as they ripple outwards in puddles. I love the bright, vivid colors of umbrellas, cast sharply against the faded grays of the sky and pavement.

The undeniable beauty of rainy weather aside, I have another point to make! Who would object to a socially-justified excuse for staying indoors all day? Oh look, it’s pouring outside. Guess I’ll just have to stay in bed and continue watching  Netflix. What a shame!

And as an ardent biology student, I love rain all the more! On hot, sultry days, I look at the trees and say, “My poor photosynthetic friends! A sudden influx of water would do you wonders!” And when the saturated rain clouds shower their fury upon us, it’s almost as if their large, green leaves are thirstily lapping up the water, while allowing the excess to dainty drip off the tips.

So you see, I don’t find rain to be an irksome fiend as so many others do. Instead, I welcome it with open arms. Rain, rain why not stay? So I can while the day away?


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