Perfect to be Imperfect

Before I begin this post, it is important to note that this is not a tirade against anyone in particular, but rather my thoughts about a class of individuals that I have come across. I’m not underhandedly slandering anyone or pointing any fingers. Okay? Okay. Now that that’s out of the way…

Am I morally depraved because I am slightly irritated by people who seem to have their lives in perfect order? And by perfect order, I mean that they have all of their priorities straight, they are academically, musically, and/or athletically gifted, they have balanced lifestyles, they have high standards and reasonable goals, and they’re genuinely wonderful individuals. This lovely class of people has no notable physical, mental, or psychological defects. They are, in other words, perfect.

It’s not as if I find their presence intolerable, I mean, what’s not to like, right? It just irks me a little whenever I come across anyone who has ever obtained that level of perfection. As I smilingly converse with one of them, I want to yell, “HOW? HOW DO YOU DO IT? TELL ME YOUR SECRET, YOU FANTASTIC PERSON,” all while shaking them violently by the collar.

Perhaps it is simply because I am envious. I envy the fact that their goals are so realistic and well-planned. I envy what successes have come to them. What virtues they naturally possess. So it stands to reason that whatever resentment I bear towards them is a byproduct of my envy for their perfection.

And as someone who is imperfect, I find other imperfect individuals significantly more relatable. Oh you forgot about that assignment? So did I! You’re tremendously self-conscious in public? Who knew? Same here!

It’s not like I’m only capable of relating to people who have terribly flawed lives. It’s just that I profoundly respect and appreciate people who internalize their imperfections and weaknesses and are unafraid of openly expressing them.

It is as if by expressing and mocking our own imperfections that we gain solidarity with those around us. We are reassured of the fact that is perfectly acceptable to be imperfect.

In conclusion, to all of you perfect* (As close to perfect as humanly possible) individuals out there, please share your secret with the rest of us! We’d love to know! And to the rest you lovely, flawed individuals, it’s alright! There’s loads of us, and we’re doing great!


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