Obsessed With Obsession

You know what I find fascinating, apart from anatomy and physiology, the power and scope of mathematics, the universe, economics, and life itself? Obsession.

No, really. I’m being completely serious. The absurd reality of obsession is captivating. I mean, isn’t is strange how out of all of the objects, activities, events, and people that make up our very existence, that we choose to zero in on just one of them?

Suppose you were obsessed with your significant other. Every waking minute you would glorify your beloved’s virtues until they became more like a god or goddess in your eyes. Every second without them is sheer agony, and every second with them veritable bliss.

You suspend all other plans so that you can strengthen your superfluous devotion. Oh, that dinner party this Thursday? Yeah, I can’t make it because I have plans with XX person. Hmm, I enjoy blogging and binge-watching Game of Thrones during the evenings. Well, that’ll just have to wait. To busy daydreaming about XX.

And it comes to a certain point where our obsession nearly consumes us alive. Note: We don’t just have to be obsessed with certain people. We can be obsessed with a whole slew of things! From random, personal items of high value (a.k.a. your cellphone, laptop, hand-knitted Christmas sweater) to amazing musicians to your academic and personal career, you can virtually become obsessed with anything!

And while having something awesome enough to obsess about is great, it also occupies a significant amount of time and thinking space. And therein lies the problem.

I find obsession so interesting because it forces us to intensify our ardent love for a subject while simultaneously creating a void in all other fields. My ultimate advice? Obsess in moderation. It’s alright to love something to pieces as long as we don’t spend every waking minute thinking about it. Yes, my friends! We must approach our obsessions with a healthier mindset!

Have  I become obsessed with obsession? Maybe.


8 thoughts on “Obsessed With Obsession

  1. I suppose the best answer is to have several obsessions, perhaps including a primary obsession, under the general umbrella of living life to the full. 🙂 Excluding the more manic, prejudicial and/or self-obsessed of course. 😀

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