Stay Bright, My Light!

I thought this morning would be like any other morning. And unsurprisingly, I was wrong. That dramatic introduction aside, let me explain why. Like all other mornings, I started today by brushing my teeth, washing my face, and going downstairs for breakfast.

I looked out the window while preparing my bowl of cereal. Yup, today looked like an awesome day: The sun was shining. The birds were singing. You know, just the ideal day.

When I’d finished pouring Honey Nut Cheerios into a bowl, I realized that my creation needed one more thing to be complete! Milk!

As I casually opened the refrigerator door to procure the missing ingredient, I gasped in the utmost horror and shock.

Was there a horrific slice of moldy pizza gnashing its teeth at me? No. Did someone take the particular morsel I was saving for later? Thank goodness, no. Then what, Anusha! What happened?!

The refrigerator light was off.

Now, now, before you get too upset about that apparent anticlimax, allow me to explain myself.  Countless times a day, we thoughtlessly peruse the contents of our fridge, always guided by that trusty refrigerator light.

Obviously, because we are preoccupied by thoughts of potential meals or snacks, we pay no attention to the light’s constant illumination of food items.

And yet, on that accursed day that that very refrigerator light burns out, we are left in the dark. Literally. I mean, of course we can still see and find food items without it. But isn’t the same.

When you notice that burnt out bulb, you grumble a little to yourself, grab the desired item from the fridge, and go back to your daily activities. As the busy individuals that you are, you conveniently forget about it until you finally find yourself wandering back to the fridge.

As we open the fridge once again, we are plagued by that same aching sense of loss, with a distinct feeling that something valued and important is missing.

And in due time, we will get around to replacing that burnt out bulb, and order will once more be restored in the universe. The bulb shall continue to faithfully emit its light until it too dies like its predecessor. And in all of this, we will remain content.

But this seemingly insignificant loss of the refrigerator light has made aware of all of the little things we tend to take for granted. I mean, I know that we frequently take big things for granted. For instance: friends, family, running water, clean water, electricity, shelter, food, education, (I honestly could go on all day.) But this post is for the little things. The little things that we take for granted when they’re fine and bemoan their absence when they’re not.

What little things do you take for granted?


11 thoughts on “Stay Bright, My Light!

  1. Vedula durgesh

    Our fan in nandi’ s room makes a racket and I always was saying out loud that I will give it off for scrap.
    But I use that for drying up the floor after mopping.what a relief after I switch it off!
    Since the day before I switched it on….Nothing happened. I really panicked. May be it got fed up with my constant bickering and AMMAS repeated applications to chuck it out.following incessant rains on the 23 rd morning it quietly died and there is silence.yes I miss that rattle……Vedhimpulu tattukoleka tudi Swansea vidichindi…!!!!!!

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