Cardboard Express

Hello, my name is Anusha, and I’m sorry to say that this is not my first blog. My other masterful creation was entitled “All Roads Lead to Brazil” and was based on my experiences in Rio de Janiero. While its premise was not a faulty nor uninteresting one, I had discontinued it early on and cringe whenever the subject pops up. Indeed, the reason behind its abrupt demise is another emotional crisis in itself. I digress from the subject of my ex-blog to discuss this one with renewed, cynical hope and considerable vigor.

Cardboard Express. Interesting name, no? Oh, you really don’t think so. Well, let me explain its origins. I wanted to set up a forum on which I could express my thoughts in an unrestricted and candid manner. A place free of judgement and scrutiny. A place where I could rant and babble as I please.

I know what you’re thinking: So you picked the Internet? Were you born yesterday? The Internet is the most judgmental place known to man. Have you ever read Youtube comments?

To these wise and undermining questions I say, yes, no, and yes. While I know that I could have confined my thoughts to a notebook or journal of some sort, I wanted them to be published. I wanted them to be published in hopes that someday someone might stumble upon them, and say, “Hmm. This is mildly entertaining,” or “I chuckled at that last line” or even “Wow, this is terrible. This writer really needs to get a life.” Because see, I don’t care about the number of followers I have, who they are, or where they’re from. Honestly, I would be thrilled just to have one.

I just want to elicit a response. When I write, I want people to identify with me, hate me, laugh at me, laugh with me-I don’t care, something. Because I believe that when art makes someone feel something-uncomfortable, angry, disgusted, intrigued, amused-that it’s done right.

So here it is: Cardboard Express, a trusty forum with which I will deliver my thoughts to the public. It’s a little rough on the edges, a little flat on the surface, but its contents are solid, often substantial, and, I believe, worth the delivery.


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